Cold kisses


Angel was always cold too, but his kisses were always hot. Maybe because she was so in love with him it hurt, or because she was sixteen and could ignore that his lips were cold, or maybe she hadn’t been kissing enough guys to know that the lips really should be warm.

With Spike, Buffy notices every time their lips meet. Spike’s lips aren’t icy cold – it’s not like licking ice or eating ice cream (except maybe if it was snow outside, and let’s face it: except when the fates need to rescue Angel from himself, it never snows in Sunnydale). But they’re not warm either. Sometimes in her dreams, she imagines them being warm, but every time, in the damn reality she lives in, his lips are… well, they’re the same temperature as the air around them.

But somewhere along the line, Buffy has learned to love those room-temperature kisses – because when it comes right down to it, it’s not the temperature that matters, but the owner’s skills.

And boy, does Spike have skills.

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Author’s notes: This was written in response to this prompt.

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