My full portfolio can be found in my gallery at DeviantArt. Here is a sample of my art. Please comment if you like it or have suggestions on how I could improve.

After Rain Floating Gypsy Esmeralda Spidery Purple Lucius
The Moon Maiden The Fairest Fairy A   royal embrace Mermaid Black   Beauty
Eternity Queen of the Savannah Another's Blessing - photomanipulation Helianthus Doll - photomanipulation Angel of Winter - photomanipulation
Chaotic Hunting Watching over you Goth   of the Sea Tinkermermaid
Pink The Little Mermaid Winter Belle Princess Jasmine Chibi   Belle
Chibi   Ariel Lily and Severus Ballroom girl Snape Serenity and Rini
Natalie Winters Sad fairy Model Innocent darkness Dark princess
Monsters Teddybear Baby Harry Harry/Draco Apple girl
Valentine's day repeated Giraffes Queen of the dark Mermaid mother and baby Fashion model
Centaur Sisters Dark fairy Fairy mother and babyFantasy
Kittens Angel Hot fire Butterfly girl Sunset lovers

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