Many of my fanfics contain slash (male/male) relationships. Please don't read those stories if you're offended by this.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Fanfics for the tv-show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spike/Buffy.
Last update (year): 2010
Current story count: 3

Fanfics for various Disney animated movies.
Last update (year): 2010
Current story count: 4

H2O: Just Add Water
Fanfics for the tv-show H2O: Just Add Water. Zane/Rikki and Lewis/Cleo.
Last update (year): 2008
Current story count: 5

Harry Potter
Fanfic for the Harry Potter books. Mainly Harry/Draco.
Last update (year): 2008
Current story count: 18
Mpregs are now hosted at my second LJ, cosmic_mpreg. Friends only.

House M.D.
Fanfics for the tv-series House M.D. House/Wilson and gen.
Last update (year): 2009
Current story count: 16

How I Met Your Mother
Fanfics for the tv-series How I Met Your Mother. Various pairings and characters in focus.
Last update (year): 2012
Current story count: 8

Fanfics for the tv-series NCIS. Mainly Gibbs/DiNozzo, DiNozzo/McGee, and gen.
Last update (year): 2010

Current story count: 27

Fanfics for the earlier seasons of Smallville. Clark/Lex.
Last update (year): 2005
Current story count: 4

Other fandoms
Fanfics for fandoms where I've written single stories.
Last update (year): 2011
Current story count: 1


Original fiction

The Winter Legacy
My original story, The Winter Legacy: Awakening, is the first book about young Natalie Winters. The second book is Heritage. This section also contains links to the concept art.
Current story count: 2
The Winter Legacy: Awakening
The Winter Legacy: Heritage


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