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The depths of Winter

Title: The Depths of Winter
Author: Cosmic
Author's email:

Parts: 26
Words: 104 000
Status: Complete
Rating: NC-17 in one chapter, PG-13 in the rest (for bad words, bloody scenes and some kissing)
Pairings: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

Summary: Four years after getting out of Hogwarts, Harry lives alone in the Muggle world. He has turned his back on the magical world – until one day, when Draco Malfoy gets into a car crash before Harry’s eyes and ends up paralysed in a wheelchair.

Warning: Slash

Alfa/Plot Beta: Sarah
Britpicker: Magdellin
Betas: Delphina, IceGoddessECHS, Lisa Hua, Jen
Information: Fionnabair

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Laura, for being my beloved little sister in every way but by blood, and to Jen, for being the best friend a girl could have and for keeping me motivated through the months it took me to write this.

Started: May, 2003
Finished: January 3rd, 2004
Edited until: August 5th, 2004



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