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The Winter Legacy:

Title: Awakening
Series: The Winter Legacy

Author: Cosmic
Author's Email:

Categories: Original fiction, supernatural
18 + epilogue
Status: Complete
Rating: PG

Summary: Natalie Winters is an ordinary student in an ordinary school - until the day she turns fifteen. A letter from her supposedly dead grandmother, a necklace from her dead mother and strange writings in her notebook all set in motion events that Natalie could never have dreamed of.

Dedication: For Kim, without whom this story would never have been.


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[ Book 2 - The Winter Legacy: Heritage ]

General art for The Winter Legacy: Awakening

Natalie Natalie

Chapter specific art for The Winter Legacy: Awakening

Chapter Five

Natalie healing Cecily

Chapter Fifteen

The   Dream Holding On

Chapter Sixteen

Comic: Leaving

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